ADJ Mega TRI Bar


The ADJ Mega TRI Bar 1-meter indoor LED Bar features 18 3-watt, 3-in-1 TRI Color LEDs rated at 60,000 hours. Instead of each LED lamp being a single color, the new tri-color technology makes it possible for each lens to contain a combination of three 1-watt LEDs — red, green and blue. This advanced 3-color innovation gives users tremendous advantages over single-color LEDs, including improved RGB color mixing, the elimination of multi-color shadows, and a much brighter, more even field.

The Mega TRI Bar also offers a variety of professional features found on much more expensive LED Bars. There are 7 DMX work modes, flicker-free operation for television and video, built-in programs and color macros, plus strobe function and electronic dimming. The Mega TRI Bar can operate in DMX with a controller, Master/Slave, Sound Active and Stand Alone (use the built-in digital display to operate each unit without a controller). The unit is multi-voltage (90-240V, 50/60Hz), Draws a maximum of 80W, produces a 40-degree beam angle and has in/out DMX and AC so that users can daisy-chain the power and the DMX connection.

Mega TRI Bar LED Advantages:
•3W TRI Color LEDs for even RGB color mixing (no RGB shadow)
•Colors won’t fade in time
•Long life (Rated at 60,000 hrs.)
•Low power consumption (102W max)
•Very low heat output
•Run all night long
•Flicker Free

Features & Specifications:
•1-meter indoor LED Bar with durable aluminum casing
•18 x 3W Ultra bright 3-in-1, TRI Color RGB LEDs (60,000 hour rated)
•3-in-1 TRI Color RGB LED provides optimal color mixing with no RGB shadows (offers a seemingly unlimited color palette)
•4 operation modes (DMX-512, Master/Slave, Stand Alone and Sound Active)
•7 DMX work modes (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12 & 54 channel modes)
•Strobe Function can be added to any color combination
•Flicker-free operation for film and television
•Built-in static color scenes and chase programs. Also accessible in some DMX modes
•Electronic Dimming: 0 – 100%
•Built-in color macros and programs
•LEDs can manually be controlled via on-board menu/buttons. No external controller required
•Linkable via 3-pin XLR input & output
•On-board, 4-button LED DMX display/menu
•IEC type, AC input and output for linking units
•Includes mounting brackets that allow for truss and wall mount. Can also be set on the floor
•Optional infrared remote to control: RGB dimming, built-in programs, auto run, flash, speed, slave mode, DMX mode and DMX addressing of fixtures
•Beam angle: 40 degrees
•Power Draw: 80W
•Multi-voltage Operation: 90-240V AC, 50/60Hz
• Compatible with ADJ LED RC wireless infrared remote control up to 30 ft./ 10M (sold separately)
•Dimensions without bracket (LxWxH): 43.25”x3.25”x4.5” / 1100x80x116mm
•Weight: 14 lbs. / 6 kg.